Welcome to Sushi-Thai Cary

We consider sushi an art form, so it usually takes more time to prepare than our other menu items. If you order sushi or tempura items, please be patient while we strive to ensure excellence and quality in presentation.

Some of our dishes have very foreign tastes. If you are unsure about trying a dish that is unfamiliar to you, we strongly recommend that you choose one that is familiar. ONCE WE HAVE SERVED YOU A DISH, WE MUST CHARGE FOR IT, unless we are responsible for a mistake in your order. Please do not hesitate to ask about a dish before you order.

Thank you for visiting Sushi-Thai Cary. We hope you enjoy your meal.

Sushi-Thai, located in Cary, NC. Featuring the largest variety of Japanese and Thai cuisine in the Triangle Area. Enjoy fresh sushi delicacies in a relaxed atmosphere – and boat-shaped sushi bar!

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  1. Taylor Davenport (Citysearch)

    The Scene

    The pleasant decor is defined primarily by the geometric, oriental woodwork that plays an integral role in Sushi-Thai’s architecture. The tables are well spaced, and there are several booths. At the sushi bar, there’s a TV that plays continuously, so sports fans with a discriminating palate could conceivably watch “the game” whilst dining on nori rolls instead of burgers.

    May 16, 2010 @ 7:11 pm

  2. Taylor Davenport (Citysearch)

    The Food

    Sushi-Thai offers a city-slicker menu complete with all the Japanese and Thai entrees that Americans consider classically Asian. Order from a standard selection of rice balls and nori (seaweed paper) rolls. Eat conservatively and ask for Ebi Nigiri–a rice ball topped with cooked shrimp, or the ever-popular California Roll–crab, avocado, cucumber rolled in rice and nori. For dinner, check out the Chicken Teriyaki–grilled chicken breast with Teriyaki sauce, or the Yakiniku–stir-fried beef and onion seasoned and sauteed. — Taylor Davenport / Cityseach

    May 16, 2010 @ 7:11 pm